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Project Management Principals and Standards



5 days


About the Course

Learn about challenges in projects and how to overcome them. Obtain the knowledge to start a project with a clearly defined scope, set and manage stakeholder expectations, identify and deal with typical Project risks, and meet quality standards.

What you will Gain:
• Project Management Fundamentals
• Project Management Life Cycle
• Project Management Knowledge Areas
• Triple Constraint of Project Management
• Various Project Organizations

What You'll Learn:
• Define basic terminology of project management
• Identify the project management life cycle
• Understand the project management knowledge areas
• Build a business case for project initiation
• Define project scope and stakeholder expectations
• Define roles and responsibilities for project stakeholders
• Build an effective WBS and project schedule
• Ensure buy-in from your team and sponsors
• Identify, analyze, quantify, mitigate, and manage risks
• Create project management plans for quality, communication, resources, and stakeholder management
• Manage project change through formal change control processes
• Close a project

Who Needs to Attend:
This workshop has been designed for all those interested in gaining basic Project Management knowledge and fundamental skills.
• Managers who are starting to work on projects
• New project teams, anyone interested in Gaining Basic Project Management Knowledge and Fundamental hands on skills.

None; Do not take this course if you have taken any advanced Project Management courses.

Your Instructor

Mohamed Badie

Mohamed Badie
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