Game-based learning is one of the most effective learning approaches, it puts the learners in a highly realistic environment where they have to execute a real project and face all the typical challenges project managers have to deal with every day.
"The best learning comes from your own experience!"


Your team will be : 

  • Acquiring knowledge and skills

  • Planning a real project

  • Practicing execution of projects

  • Learning from your mistakes

  • Evaluated on Technical and Management Behavioral Competencies 

  • Effectively resolving issues and solving schedule problems 

How the Simulation Works

  • The SimulTrain® primarily used in combination with classroom activities. 

  • In teams of 3 to 4 people, learners play the role of the project manager. The teams have to plan and execute a typical mid-sized project. They immediately see the consequences of the decisions they make. Furthermore, they can track the evolution of the costs, the schedule, the quality as well as the human factors. 

  • With the help of SimulTrain, manager can make all the mistakes while planning and executing a project and learn from these mistakes – just to a reasonable price! 

  • Full of multimedia interaction, SimulTrain® provides the teams with phone calls, emails, and voicemails to create a realistic and stressful environment – just as in real life. Therefore, learners experience stress and working under pressure. 

  • SimulTrain is also an ideal tool for team building or decision-making.